Casio CDP-130 Review – 2016 – 2017

Casio CDP-130 Review

Its not hard to see why diCasio CDP-130BKC5gital pianos are so popular or why so many people choose them over their acoustic counterparts. Digital pianos are much smaller in size for a start and so they wont need take up huge amounts of space (which is a pretty big concern for anyone who doesn’t have the space for a designated piano room) , they are far lighter than acoustic pianos as well (many digital pianos weigh less than 20KG)which makes them much easier to transport around the house and to outside venues (which is basically impossible with acoustic grand pianos because they are so big and heavy), they are much cheaper and are therefore more accessible for people who don’t have a few thousand pounds lying around,  and last but not least digital pianos  come with extra functions that regular acoustic pianos just don’t offer.

There are also many different types of digital pianos which offer various features. There is so much choice that it can be hard to decide which digital piano would work best for you, so reviews such as this one are a good way to make comparisons and ensure that you are able to make a well informed choice. This is a review of the Casio CDP-130 (lowest price here!) digital piano.

Authentic Feel

Digital pianos offer a cheap and comparatively easy way of learning how to play the piano, particularly if you are a beginner. They can also be a handy stepping stone if you are planning on using an acoustic piano in the future, but the problem is that some digital pianos just don’t ‘feel’ like their acoustic counterparts.

Acoustic pianos have weighted keys and the weight of these keys varies with lower notes weighing more than higher ones. If you want to learn how to play on an acoustic piano it is really important that you get used to weighted keys or you will struggle later on and may even feel like your practice on a regular keyboard hadn’t actually taught you how to play a ‘real’ piano at all, but unfortunately some of the digital pianos at the lower end of the price scale may not have weighted keys. Luckily the Casio CDP-130 comes with an scaled hammer action keyboard which replicates the feel of the keys on a grand piano. You will also get all 88 keys do you won’t have to compromise on your octave range.

Digital Effects

One of the best things about digital pianos is that they can have digital effects which would simply not be possible on an acoustic piano. The Casio CDP-130 comes with a hall effect, adjustable reverb and chorus effects which you can use to enhance your sound. The hall effect gives you the ambiance of playing in a concert hall no matter you are, the reverb function creates an awesome echo effect, and the chorus feature adds a rich layer to your notes.


Another great thing about digital pianos is that you are not limited to one playing voice. Many digital pianos have multiple instrumental and novelty voices which you can play around with, and the Casio CDP-130 comes with ten sounds including strings, organs, electric pianos and two grand pianos.

Some lower quality digital pianos try to disguise the fact that the keyboard itself does not have hammer action weighted keys and/or is poorly made by trying to distract you with tons of extra voices and novelty features, so you will find that when it comes to digital pianos less is often more. Having said that, extra instrumental voices are a great way of mixing things up and keeping your piano practice fun and versatile.

Easy To UseCasio CDP-130BKC5

The Casio CDP-130 features a user friendly straightforward layout which makes it easy to access the pianos special features.  You don’t want to waste time figuring out how to use your piano and it’s god to have a model which is also accessible for the less technologically savvy family members.

Learning Options

The Casio CDP-130 has various features which are designed to help beginners gain confidence and improve their skills. There is a metronome function which you can use to improve your timing and improve your sense of rhythm (which is obviously essential for playing the piano),the keys have adjustable touch sensitivity which is especially ideal if the piano will be used by young children, and Casio Music Academy offers free online piano lessons.


The Casio CDP-130 weighs less than 11KG which makes it easy to transport to gigs, lessons or friends houses. This digital piano will also be a lot easier to carry around the house and to manoeuvre in and out of storage if needs be.


The Casio CDP-130 comes with a USB port which you can use to easily connect the piano with a compatible device such as a computer or tablet. This allows for external recording which is great if you’re planning on sharing your music with the world, and you can also find online music programmes to edit your musical creations further.


The Casio CDP-130 has a powerful speaker system which is guaranteed to do your playing justice. There is also a headphone plug which you can use to play into the night without disturbing everyone else.


Features: 88 Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard – Hall, Reverb And Chorus Effects – 10 Voices – User-Friendly –Inbuilt Metronome – Adjustable Touch Sensitivity – Free Online Lessons Via Casio – USB Connectivity –Powerful Speaker System – Headphone Jack.

Pricing: Mid-Range/Affordable

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