KAWAI ES100 Review – 2016 – 2017

KAWAI ES100 Review

Are you looking for an authenticKAWAI ES100 BLACKpiano playing experience without having to worry about the excessive cost, weight and size associated with old school acoustic models? If the answer is yes then a digital piano would be a good choice for you. There are loads of different digital pianos on the market and, whilst some may seem more like toys than serious musical instruments, others are designed to feel and sound just like a traditional piano whilst still offering innovative modern features to help you learn and improve at a faster rate.

With so many options available on the market it can be hard to make an informed decision, which is why in-depth product reviews like this one can be really helpful because you’ll gain a good understand of what features you may want to prioritise whilst also deciding if this particular digital piano is the one for you. This is a review of the Kawai ES100 (lowest price here!) digital piano. Read on to see if this is the right piano for you.

Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology And Graded Hammer Action

This digital piano uses Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology to maintain the quality of every single note across the keyboard no matter which voice you choose to play in. The Kawai ES100 comes with an authentic style hammer action keyboard which has specifically made the lower notes heavier than the higher notes just like how you would find them on a grand piano. This will not only help mimic the experience of playing a grand piano, but the hammer action will strengthen your fingers and make it a lot easier for you to play a grand piano in the future because you’ll be

Record Function

The Kawai ES100 comes with a three-dimensional recorder function which lets you record and listen to yourself. This is a really handy feature because you can record your own compositions, you can create your own music demos and you can use it to keep track of your progress.

Built-In Metronome

The Kawai ES100 comes with an inbuilt adjustable metronome which you can use to improve your rhythm and adjust to suit specific tempos.

 Duo Mode

The Kawai ES100 digital piano comes with duo and dual functions. The duo function will split the keyboard into two identical halves so that two people can play the same notes on the same device. This is really handy for piano lessons because the teacher can play a set of notes and then the student can copy them.

Voices And Settings

Casio CDP-130BKC5The Kawai ES100 has been designed to replicate a grand piano and so it does not come with tons of extra features, but there are still a few voices you can choose from in addition to the standard grand piano mode. The Kawai ES100 comes with 19 voices including eight piano sounds, three different types of electric piano, two organs, two strings, two bass, a harpsichord and a vibraphone. This digital piano also has a layer mode and you have the option of playing along with one hundred different drum rhythms! There is also a reverb function which lets you add more ambiance to your sound.


The Kawai ES100 comes with an impressive 192 note polyphony which promises clear sounds and impressive performance even with more complicated compositions.

Built-In Lessons

Teaching yourself how to play the piano isn’t always easy and people often end up giving up or finding it difficult to progress past a certain point, but luckily the Kawai ES100 comes with inbuilt Alfred piano lessons which amounts to about a years supply of beginners piano lessons. This feature lets you learn in your own time, you can go at your own pace, you won’t need to spend extra money on lessons and you will be able to hear how a piece of music should sound and slow it down until you get the gist of it.

Damper Pedal And Music Stand

The Kawai ES100 comes with a sustain pedal (complete with a half pedal function) and a music stand included in the box. Most digital pianos within this price range will require you to purchase any accessories separately, so it’s quite impressive that both the pedal and the stand are included in the box.  The foot pedal is great practice for a grand piano and it will help give new depth to your sound, whilst the music stand is generally handy.


Features: Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology –Graded Hammer Action – Record Function – Metronome – Duo Mode –19 Voices – 192 Note Polyphony – Inbuilt Lessons – Included Pedal And Music Stand.

Pricing: Mid-Range.

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