Yamaha YDP142 Review – 2016 – 2017

Yamaha YDP142 Review

Yamaha YDP142 Digital

Digital pianos are a popular and cost effective alternative to grand pianos because they are lighter, they tend to be portable, they have digital features which would not be possible for an acoustic piano, and they are suitable for beginners and more advanced users alike. Grand pianos may be a bit off putting for beginners because they are a pretty big purchase to commit to when you don’t even know how to play the thing yet,  but luckily digital pianos tend to have beginner friendly features which can help make the learning process more enjoyable and straightforward

There are a lot of digital pianos on the market and it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Digital pianos are much cheaper than their acoustic counterparts, but they are still a fairly big commitment and they certainly require some pre-purchase research. Reviews like this one are a good way to get a general idea of which features you can expect for your price range whilst you hunt for the perfect piano.

This is a review of the Yamaha YDP142 (lowest price here!) digital piano. Yamaha is a well known brand who create cost effective and versatile digital pianos which are great for beginners and seasoned pianists alike. Read on for everything you’ll ever need to know about the Yamaha YDP142.


The Yamaha YDP142 is compact in design, but it still features all 88 notes which you expect from an acoustic grand piano and the keyboard itself is exactly the same size as an acoustic piano keyboard so it will be easy to switch between the two. Yamaha keyboards use professional Yamaha grand pianos for the digital grand piano recording which means that when you play a Yamaha keyboard you will hear some truly superior sounds.

The Yamaha YDP142  features a touch sensitive keyboard which will change the sound of the note depending on how hard or softly you press on the keys. The keyboard had been designed to mimic a grand piano as realistically as possible. Not only are the keys weighted so they feel like the keys on a grand piano, but the deeper notes are also heavier than the lighter notes just like on an acoustic piano. A weighted keyboard is very important if you are planning on playing an acoustic piano in the future because it will stop you struggling with weak fingers.


One of the great things about digital pianos is that they are not limited to the classic grand piano sound and many models will let you play in different instrumental voices so you can play various musical instruments without actually needing to know how to play them. Serious  digital pianos like the Yamaha YDP142 will typically have less sound options than lower end models, but the YDP142 still has three different grand piano sounds, two electric piano voices, a harpsichord, vibraphone, pipe organ, jazz organ and strings.


The Yamaha YDP142 comes with an optional and controllable reverb feature which will recreate concert hall ambiance right in your own home. This feature can even be used with headphones so you can enjoy the ambient effects without disturbing anyone else.

Dual And Duo Mode

The Yamaha YDP142 comes with dual and duo playing modes which you can use to enhance your sound and improve your piano skills. The dual feature enables you to combine any two of the instrumental voices for a layered orchestra-like effect, whilst the duo mode effectively splits the keyboard in two identical parts. The duo mode is great for piano lessons because the student can copy the teacher in the same notes, whilst the dual feature helps you create your very own mini orchestra right from your keyboard.

Recording Features

This digital piano comes with an inbuilt two track recorder which lets you record two mYamaha YDP142 Digitalusic tracks separately and then replay them together. Recording your progress is a great learning technique, it helps you save any original compositions you may create, and it can be used by those who are hoping to share their music online. There are also a range of editing features which you can use to further enhance your recordings including voice selection and tempo options.

The voice selection feature will let you change the voice on a finished recording so you can experiment with different styles and genres and combined with everything else this will prove to be an incredibly versatile features which you can use to practice your studio editing skills.

Inbuilt Music

The Yamaha YDP142 comes with fifty inbuilt classical music pieces complete with learning functions which will help you become an old pro in no time. There is an included music book which you can use to read the music, and the piano will let you learn the left and right hand parts separately before putting them together to make it easier for you to learn more complicated compositions.

Headphone Sockets

The Yamaha YDP142 comes with two headphone sockets which you can use for silent piano practice at any time of the day or night. There are two sockets so more than one person is still able to play and listen in headphone mode.


This digital piano comes with USB connectivity options which lets you hook the piano up to a compatible computer. This is particularly helpful if you want to make use of all the music software which is available online.


The Yamaha YDP142 comes with an inbuilt metronome which you can use to help keep in time with the best of a song and improve your sense of rhythm. The metronome can also be used in headphone mode so you can use it at any time of the day or night without keeping your entire household awake.

Auto Shut Down

The Yamaha YDP142 has an optional automatic power off function which will switch the piano off after thirty minutes of inactivity to save you wasting electricity.


Features:  88 Notes –Touch Sensitive – Weighted Keys – Various Instrumental Voice Options –Reverb – Dual And Duo Modes –Two Track Recording Options  – Inbuilt Music – USB Connectivity – Metronome – Auto Shut Off.

Pricing: Mid-Range

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