Casio CDP-120 Review – 2016 – 2017

Casio CDP-120 Review

Are you looking for aCasio CDP-120 sleek, serious and high quality digital piano which can accurately replicate the feeling of playing on an acoustic piano for a fraction of the price? Some people, especially those who have undertaken musical training in the past, may be turned off the idea of buying a digital piano because they see them more as toys rather than serious musical instruments. Many digital pianos come with loads of extra features such as various tone and voice options, inbuilt songs and special effects and, whilst these can be really fun and beneficial for beginners, they may not be that enticing for someone who wants to play the piano ‘seriously’.

However, important to remember that there are loads of different digital pianos on the market and many have been designed for serious musicians who may not have the money or space to invest in a grand piano.There are loads of different types of digital pianos on the market so you’re bound to find one which works for you.The Casio CDP-120 is a great choice for anyone who is looking for an authentic piano experience for a fraction of the price because it has great quality sound, a sleek and professional looking design, and it is small enough to fit in your bedroom!

Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard

If you have played a grand piano before then you will know that the keys have a certain weight which you need to push down on in order to play. This is due the inner hammer action which makes a grand piano make the sounds that it does, but as digital pianos don’t have the same inner mechanisms they don’t naturally have weighted keys.This can be a problem because playing on an unweighted keyboard just does not feel the same as playing on a professional piano and it won’t give you a realistic piano playing experience. It’s also important to remember that unweighted keys won’t strengthen your fingers which means that you may find it very difficult to play a grand piano with weighted keys in the future, particularly if you’re a beginner.

Luckily some digital pianos do have weighted keys which mimic the feel of a ‘real’ piano.The Casio CDP-120 (lowest price here!) comes with 88 scaled hammer action keys which will give you a ‘real’ piano experience. This piano also  features the entire piano octave so you won’t miss out on the full range of sound options. The Casio CDP-120 features a 48 note polyphony.

Touch Response

The Casio CDP-120 has optional and adjustable touch response features which lets you control how sensitive you want the keys to be.


The Casio CDP-120 is around 52 inches long, 11 inches wide and 5 inches high. It features a simple and sleek black design which would go with most interior design. The Casio CDP-120 is a stand alone keyboard which means you have the option of buying a stand, stool and other accessories or you can just play it as it is.


The Casio CDP-120 weighs around 11KG. This is pretty light for a digital piano (and ridiculously light when compared to a grand piano) and it should be fairly easy to transport around your house and perhaps also to friends houses, piano lessons or even concerts/music gigs.


The Casio CDP-120 is all about serious piano playing and it doesn’t have many special effects. There are a total of eight functions on the piano which includes the power button, the volume control, a demo/function button and several tone options. There are five different tones which you can choose to play in (two grand pianos, electric piano, harpsichord and strings) so if your main priority is to play in as many tones as possible then this may not be the digital piano for you. The tones that are there, however, offer a great way to experiment with different sounds and gives you a way of making your piano practice more versatile without offering so many bells and whistles that it becomes distracting and you forget to actually play.


The Casio CDP-120 comes with a ‘plug and play’ USB port which will let you connect the piano to your computer without any need to install any extra programs. You can also hook the digital piano up to an Apple or android device.


The Casio CDP-120 comes with a handy ¼ headphone jack which will enable you to play into the night without keeping your household awake (a feature you wouldn’t get with a regular piano!)

Reverb, Chorus and Dual effects

The Casio CDP-120 has various functions to help enhance your sound. This digital piano has ten levels of adjustable reverb which will add a nice echo effect to your notes so that it sounds like you are playing in a professional concert hall, and there are also five levels of adjustable chorus which will add a level of thickness to your notes for a richer sound. This piano also has a dual mode which allows you to play two different voices simultaneously (e.g grand piano and strings) for a great orchestra effect.


Features: Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard – 5 Voice Tones –USB Connectivity – Headphone Compatible – Touch Response – Reverb, Chorus And Dual Functions.

Pricing: Mid-Range/Affordable

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