Casio Privia PX-350BK Review – 2016 – 2017


We live in an age where technology has completely transformed our lives from our social interactions all the way to our musical instruments. Back in the day the idea of affordable and generally accessible pianos would have been crazy because traditional grand pianos are and always have been huge, heavy, and expensive. That’s not a problem if you have enough space to dedicate to the piano (and if you have a few people to help you carry it into the house), but if you have limited space, limited money and limited physical strength a grand piano just isn’t a viable option. Years ago this would have been the end of it, but times have changed and thanks to the invention of digital pianos it is now perfectly possible to buy your own piano and use it in the comfort of your own home without breaking the bank.

There are tons of different digital pianos on the market ranging from the cheap and novelty items to the ridiculously high end models which are basically grand pianos with a few more features. It can be difficult to wade through all the options in order to find the right digital piano for you, but luckily we are here to help with our comprehensive review of an awesome digital piano that you should become better acquainted with. Say hello to the Casio Privia PX-150BK.


CASIO PRIVIA PX-150BKThe Casio Provision PX-150BK (lowest price here!) features a fully scaled hammer action keyboard which uses three inbuilt sensors to mimic the feel and playing experience of a grand piano, and it comes with beautifully designed ebony and ivory style keys which further reinforces the authentic feel of this digital piano. The Casio PC 150BK alsooffers a touch sensitive keyboard which allows for greater versatility of sound,  which includes heavier keys for deeper notes, ,and this digital piano has all 88 keys just like you would expect from an acoustic piano.

AIR Technology

This digital piano harnesses Casio’s AIR (Acoustic and Intelligence Resonator) technology to create the most realistic sound possible, and this allows the digital piano to play all their recordings and samples without compromising on  sound quality. This piano even has a string resonance system which accurately replicates all 88 strings when you use the damper pedal.


The Casio PX-150BK comes with an impressive 128 note polyphony which allows for a more authentic and natural tone range.


CASIO PRIVIA PX-150BKOne of the obvious downsides to grand pianos is that they are very big, bulky and heavy which makes it pretty hard for the average person to move them into the desired room in the house let alone take them anywhere else. Digital pianos are lighter by default, but some can still be fairly difficult to transport. Luckily the Casio PX 150BK only weighs 11KG so you’ll be able to carry it around the house with minimal effort.


The Casio PX-150BK comes with a handy recording feature which allows the user to record themselves playing a composition, save it on a flash drive, and transfer the recordings to a computer for further editing or sharing on social media. This piano comes with a USB/MIDI port which lets you connect it to any compatible laptop or tablet straight away.

Built-In Songs Headphones

The Casio PX-150BK comes with two headphones plugs which will let you play into the night without disturbing anyone else. The sound quality in headphone mode is excellent and is sure to transport you into your own private musical world, whilst the second headphone socket allows for quiet piano lessons.

Split and Duo Mode

One of the best features a digital piano can offer is the option of splitting the keyboard into different musical instrumental voices or into equal parts to allow for greater versatility. The Casio PX-150BK will let you play two musical tones on different parts of the piano so you can create a wider variety of compositions, and it also has a duo mode option which will split the keyboard into two equal parts in order to make piano lessons more effective as the teacher can play a set of notes and then the student can listen and copy in the same octave.

Digital Effects

Good digital pianos are able to replicate an authentic grand piano experience whilst still taking advantage of the fact that it is a digital device and can therefore do things that a regular acoustic piano cannot. The Casio PX-150BK has 18 musical tones to choose from(including five distinctive grand piano options), and it also has a range of reverb and chorus effects which lets you control the ambiance and recreate the feeling of playing in an echoey concert hall from the comfort of your own home.


Features: AIR Technology – 128 Polyphony –Ebony And Ivory Keys – Touch Sensitive Keyboard – Lightweight – Recording Feature –Split And Duo Modes – 18 Tones – Reverb And Chorus Effects.

Pricing: Mid-Range

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