KORG SP 280BK Review – 2016 – 2017

KORG SP 280BK Review

If you’re reading this iKORG SP 280BK + STAND + PEDAL 1t is fairly safe to assume that you’re interested in buying a digital piano. Digital pianos are a great way of learning how to play a beautiful musical instrument without having to pay a small fortune or give up half your room for the instrument, but the problem is that there are so many different digital pianos on the market which all seem to have the same features. If they are all saying the same thing then should you just buy the first digital piano you see? Definitely not. Whilst all the deceptions may seem like they are saying the same things there are subtle differences which you need to be aware of, and there are some features which you will definitely need to look out for as they can make all the difference.

When you are looking to buy a digital piano the first thing you’ll need to think about is your budget. Once you know your budget you will be able to narrow down your selection to pianos within a certain price range, and that will make it easier to compare them. Keep in mind that although digital pianos are much cheaper than acoustic pianos they are still fairly pricey and you often get what you pay for. Whilst some of the more affordable models (like the piano we will be reviewing now) may offer as much or more than a more expensive model you should really expect to pay at least £200 if you want an authentic piano experience. If you are looking for a digital piano which is high quality but still affordable then read on for our review of the Korg SP 280BK (lowest price here!).

Hammer Action Keyboard

The Korg 280BK comes with all 88 piano keys so you won’t have to worry about missing octaves and ruined songs. The keys are fully weighted with Natural Weighted Hammer Action to ensure that you get an authentic grand piano experience, and this will help keep your fingers in tip top shape so you will be able to play a real grand piano with no issues. This digital piano has 120 notes of polyphony so you don’t have to worry about ruining the nuance of certain songs.

Stand And Pedal

You can play a keyboard by itself without a stand or any other accessories, but many people prefer to elevate their keyboard on a stand for comfort and convenience. Acoustic pianos come with foot pedals which can be used to effect the sound of the notes and many digital pianos can also be used with pedals to enhance the quality and nuance of the pianos sound.

The problem is that most of the time accessories such as the keyboard stand and pedals are sold separately so if you want to buy them you will have to pay extra money on top of what you already paid for the piano. One of the good things about the Korg SP 280BK is that it is sold with the stand and foot pedal included in the price. This is already a pretty affordable digital piano anyway so if you factor in how much you’ll se on the accessories it ends up looking very cost effective indeed.


KORG SP 280BK + STAND + PEDAL 1One of the most fun and versatile features a digital piano has is its assortment of instrumental voices and tones. Even if you’re only interested in serious piano playing you’ll still find that having a few voices to choose from can really help keep things interesting and enhance certain songs.

The Korg SP 280BK comes with 30 various instrumental voices including five acoustic pianos, six electric pianos, an electric grand piano and a host of other instruments such as vibraphones, strings, organs and marimbas. The grand pianos sound was taken from a Steinway, one of the leading grand pianos ever since the 19th century, so you are guaranteed top quality professional grade sound from the comfort of your own home.  The Korg 280BK also comes with a 120 note polyphony which is quite impressive when compared to other pianos in its price range.

Speaker System

The Korg 280BK comes with two impressive 22W speaker system which will help you maintain your stage presence even in crowded bars or venue halls.


The Korg 280BK isn’t the lightest digital piano on the market, but weighing in at under 20kg is still pretty impressive especially when this weight also includes the digital piano stand. This digital piano might not be ideal for long walks, but it is more than suitable for van or car transportation and it’s definitely worth considering if you need a piano to take to gigs.

Reverb and Chorus Effects

The Korg 280BK comes with reverb, chorus and brilliant effects and each of these effects have three adjustable levels. The reverb effect is a great way to create ambiance in areas where it wouldn’t naturally occur, whereas the chorus effect will add extra depth and layers to your music. These features are great fun to play around with and they can also be very useful depending on the song and the situation.


Features: Natural Weighted Hammer Action Keyboard – Includes Stand And Pedal – 30 Voices – 22W Speakers – 20KG With Stand – Reverb And Chorus Effects

Pricing: Mid-Range/Affordable

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