Roland RD 64 Review – 2016 – 2017

Roland RD 64 Review

There are many reasons why Roland RD 64 Digital Pianosomeone may want to buy a digital piano and so thankfully there are also many different types of piano to suit individual wants and desires. Lightweight and portable digital pianos are a very popular choice for many people but they are particularly useful for performing musicians who may need to carry their instruments to various venues and transport them by car or public transport. If you are in a band, if you’re a concert or street  performer, or you just want to be able to jam with your friends outside of your home then these are two features which you should particularly watch out for.

The Roland RD 64 (lowest price here!) digital piano is a great choice for musicians who need to take their instruments out of the house because it is very portable and lightweight. The Roland RD 64 has been specially designed for easy transportation and it has been made so that it fits into small vehicles and takes up less space on the stage. If you are a travelling musician then you can rest assure that this piano has you covered.


The Roland RD 64 had the difficult task of creating a digital piano which is both compact and portable but at the same time also gives you a realistic and powerful piano playing experience. One way to trim down a digital pianos size is to offer a smaller keyboard and so the Roland RD 64 has 64 keys rather than the standard 88. This may cause some mental alarm bells to go off and it is true that you won’t get the full octave, but Roland has taken steps to ensure the keyboard is still as authentic as possible.

For example, the  Roland RD 64 has A as the lowest note and C as the highest just like you would find on a regular grand piano in order to create a more realistic sound. Losing two octaves may be a deal breaker for some, but it depends on whether portability or the full note range is more important to you.The keys themselves have a subtle but effective ivory feel which is preferable to the regular plastic keys that you may find on a lower end model.


The Roland RD 64 weighs just over 12k which makes it one of the lighter digital pianos you are likely find on the market within this price range. This means you can easily transport the keyboard to various venues and concert halls without breaking your back along the way, and it is also light enough to be air plane friendly if you need to take the piano overseas.


Roland RD 64 Digital PianoLightweight is a great feature when it comes to the keyboard, but you don’t want the keys to be light themselves. In order to recreate an authentic grand piano session, and in order to keep your fingers strong and supple so you are able to transfer to a grand piano if needs be, you will need weighted keys which mimic the hammer action of a grand piano.

The Roland RD 64 doesn’t just have impressively weighted keys which guarantee an authentic piano feel, however.This digital piano also features  touch sensitive keys which means the sound will be effected by how you press the keys in the same way it would be effected on a traditional acoustic piano.


The Roland RD 64 uses super-NATURAL-sound technology to give you professional grade piano quality sounds without the hefty price tag. We know that if you are planning on carrying your digital pianos to gigs you’re probably not too fussed about novelty sounds and unnecessary frills, but the great thing about digital pianos is that they give you more options which you can use to compliment certain songs.

Additional instrumental voices can be a really handy way of taking a new approach to an old classic and it is definitely handy to have more than the standard grand piano as an option, particularly if you are a solo artist. The Roland RD 64 digital piano comes with 12 versatile voices for you to choose from including clav and organ options. All these  sounds also have their own optional reverb function which will help create an atmospheric setting wherever you are.


Features: Easy To Transport – Compact  – Lightweight – Weighted Keys – Touch Sensitive Keyboard – 12 Voices.

Pricing: Mid-Range

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