Yamaha P45 Digital Piano Review – 2016 – 2017


Yamaha P45 Review

Yamaha P45It’s no secret that grand pianos are large, heavy and expensive. Before digital pianos and keyboards were invented it was really hard for the average person to buy a piano at all, but thankfully digital pianos have opened up the market so that now many more people have the option of buying a piano of their very own. Digital pianos tend to be a lot cheaper, lighter and more compact than their acoustic counterparts and so they are a lot more accessible to the majority of people.

The problem is that now there is almost too much choice and it can be hard to know which digital piano would work best for you. All manufacturers will try to claim that their piano is the best whilst using the same jargon that every other manufacturer uses. This can make it hard to come to an informed decision if you’re not really sure what all the terms mean or what you are personally looking for.

This is an in-depth review of the Yamaha P45 digital piano (lowest price here!). This review will not only help you become familiar with the Yamaha P45 so that you can decide if this particular model is right for you, but it will also give you a general idea of what features you can expect from a digital piano in this price range and it will help explain any confusing terms. If you’re interested in buying a digital piano then read on for our review!

Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard

If you’ve used an acoustic piano in the past then you may have noticed that the keys are weighted and provide a level of resistance. This resistance is known as ‘hammer action’ because of the complex inner mechanisms of how a traditional piano works. Keys in a lower register will also commonly weigh more than higher notes.

Some cheaper keyboards and digital pianos may not have a hammer action feature and so, although you can still play songs on them, it may be really hard to switch from a keyboard to an acoustic piano as your fingers will probably not be strong enough and you won’t be used to how an acoustic piano feels and operates.

The Yamaha P45 comes with a graded hammer standard keyboard which has been designed to mimic the feel of an acoustic piano. This digital piano is especially ideal for anyone who was trained on an acoustic piano and/or has any interest in being able to play an acoustic piano in the future.

10 Premium Quality Voices

One of the benefits of digital pianos is that they have more sound options. Acoustic pianos are limited to the standard grand piano sound and, although it is a beautiful instrument and there are many traditional piano compositions which you can learn, sometimes it’s good to be able to change things up and see how a particular piece of music would sound in the voice of a different instrument. Digital pianos tend to have fewer voice options than cheaper keyboards because they are normally designed for more ‘serious’ purposes, but many of them will still have a few different voices to choose from. Popular voices include organs, harpsichords, strings and electric pianos.

The Yamaha P45 comes with ten voices, all of which are powered by the digital pianos high-quality AWM sound engine.

Dual & Duo Modes

Another advantage of buying a digital piano instead of an acoustic model is that digital pianos have a lot more features. Two of the most common and useful features you are likely to find are the dual and duo modes. The duo mode lets you split the keyboard up into two equal parts so two people can play the same notes on the same keyboard. This is really helpful for piano lessons because it means the teacher can play a set of notes which the student is then able to replicate.

Many digital pianos also have a ‘dual’ mode. The dual mode allows you to play two sounds on top of each other to create a nice ‘layered’ effect. For example, you could combine the grand piano voice and the strings voice to create the illusion of playing two instruments at the same time.

The Yamaha P45 comes with both duo and dual modes which you can use to learn, enhance your sound and have fun in the process.

Compact & Lightweight

One of the digital piano’s best selling points is that they tend to be a lot smaller and lighter than the typical grand piano and it is often possible to transport them to different locations.

The Yamaha P45 is lightweight, compact and easy to transport. This is really important if you’re planning on using the digital piano on stage, if you want to bring your digital piano to a jam session or recording studio, or if you need to commute to piano lessons. The fact that this digital piano is fairly compact is also really important for people who have limited space as you will be able to find a place for the piano without having to re-arrange your entire house.

Simple Operation

One of the downsides of digital pianos is that they sometimes have too many buttons and it can take a while to learn how to use them. Luckily the Yamaha P45 comes with a straightforward user-friendly layout which is very easy to use.

Auto Power-Off

If you’re playing the piano and you get distracted and end up leaving the piano switched on and unattended it can end up wasting power, but the Yamaha P45 digital piano comes with an auto power-off function which will automatically turn it off if it is idle for a period of time.

Extras & Accessories

Some digital pianos come with a range of handy accessories which can help you learn and improve. The Yamaha P45 comes with a sustain pedal, X stool, X-stand, key note stickers (which will help you learn which keys are which), a practice DVD and a handy book complete with a CD. All of these extras are included in the price which will save you having to make additional purchases at a later date. The stickers, book, CD and DVD are great for beginners and they are especially important if you’re planning on teaching yourself how to play as they will contain handy tips, hints and songs which are specifically tailored for the Yamaha P45.


Features: Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard – Premium Quality Voices – Dual & Duo Modes – Compact & Lightweight – Easy To Use – Auto Power-Off – Includes Various Accessories.

Pricing: Mid-Range.

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